PRIMUS Gig Poster 2017
magine, if you will... a twilight zone inspired Primus print!? Sure, why not!?
When planning a print for an epic show like the one from June 24th 2017 (a Primus show with TOOL, Melvins, Fantomas!!!!!????) you have two obvious choices...

1. Include Twilight Zone references.
2. Pander to fans with the fervor of an aging ad exec trying to connect with millennials.

I opted for combining them and trying to create something I could take back in my time machine to present to 13yr old me and be proud.
Fun fact - I'm a huge Primus fan, and I pander only to myself ;)

Masterfully printed by Monolith Press 
3 Color Silkscreen 
18" x 24"

Main Edition of 500 pcs 
Golden Boy Variant Edition of 20 pcs 
Silver Tongue Edition of 15 pcs
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