Primus 2015 Gig Poster

April 12 2015 Primus Gig Poster

The almighty Zoltron approached me back in late 2014 and asked me if I'd lend a piece to the Primus and the Chocolate Factory Tour.

Being a sane man, I agreed and in a matter of minutes crapped out a sketch depicting Agustus Gloop post-tube-ride, and undergoing Oompa-Loompa clean up.

I assumed he'd be saddened by his separation from the chocolate and that no upstanding Oompa-Loompa would be pleased at the task. Ooooor maybe I just wanted to draw a blobby kid and an oompa-loompa smoking?... one or the other.... at any rate - this was the result...
crude inital sketch - that was pretty close...
i really tried to simplify my approach on this one with the inks
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